Ghostbuster Training Simulator

For my final project in my Introduction to Human Computer Interaction course we had to design a product or service that would improve the ghostbusting experience based on the user needs in the 2016 version of the Ghostbusters film. After watching the movie, my partner and I developed the Ghostbuster Training Simulator. Our design used a combination of hardware and software to create a more immersive experience for our users. By incorporating a selfie stick, toy gun, and an android phone we were able to bring our idea to life.


Paper Prototype

Through this project I was able to apply my engineering knowledge with my newly acquired Javascript and Unity skills to create an awesome ghostbusting technology. Our features included:

  • Weighted grip to improve ergonomics and force moment on the user’s wrist.
  • Augmented reality like behavior through the use of the Samsung Galaxy S6’s built in gyroscope.
  • Random spawning of enemies who move through walls and attack the user from any side.

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