Masters Capstone

Human-Computer Interaction Capstone –

In this year long course my team and I are working with the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) to use technology or immersive experiences to engage children in geoscience topics.

We started by conducting a series of interviews at various educational spaces in the Maryland/DC area such as the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History. During this process we observed and interviewed about 10 children as they engaged with materials in the exhibits.


This data was later compiled into our affinity diagram and data models which we used to develop a deep understanding of the user and their needs. During this process we recorded our design ideas which were refined and presented to our client for review.


Going forward, we agreed to pursue a panoramic theater style experience in which the user could digitally insert themselves in geological places they would not ordinarily be able to explore. As an additional experience, we are producing educational material with can be explored through kiosks where content is displayed using holographic prisms.


To better solidify the design we will be pursuing for the remainder of the year, we generated storyboards and paper prototypes of the design interface. Our next steps will be to conduct user testing with our paper prototypes and begin to assemble low-fi prototypes of our physical design components.

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